WASFF 2017 Winning Films

Best Film

Without Cheese

Director: Vivek Krishnan

“Well shot, Well edited, Competent Direction”

“Very Quirky and keeps you guessing what the film is all about. Good Direction and Editing. Loved the payoff in the end.”

“A well made film and excellent effort which is a strong contender. I look forward to seeing what the film maker works in in the years to come.”

Best Director

Krishnendu Kalesh

Movie: Karinchaathan – Bete Noire

“Excellent Visualization, Great Understanding of Cinema, Form and Substance”

“A treat to watch. Direction gets a full score with good cinematography, sound design and acting control”

Best Writing

Karinchaathan – Bete Noire

“Great controlling idea. Very intriguing and refreshing story”

“Nicely Blended Satire. Loved the dialogues”

Best Performance

In A Leading Role

Rajesh Nanoo

Movie: Yashpal

“Brilliant job as the naive protagonist”

Special Jury Mention

The Bloop Troop

“Very well executed. Good understanding of Animation, though for the herculean effort in great animation, the effort deserved a better story”

“Beautiful Animation. Lovely colours”

“A Winner for animation, Story needs to be better”