7 Amazing Career Opportunities in VFX

Wiztoonz Amd

India’s Visual Effects or VFX & Animation industry has been growing from strength to strength in recent years. Massive international projects the world over outsourced their VFX works to India. A career in VFX is today a rewarding and creatively satisfying option for young minds, and the job opportunities in the VFX industry are booming.

DNEG | Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021)

1. Roto Artist

A rotoscoping artist or roto artist has the imperative and challenging task of tracing all those areas of a frame where CG meets real life. A job that offers an excellent foundation in VFX and often a starting point for VFX professionals. There is a great demand for roto artists today

Valentin Petrov | Guardians Of The Galaxy Matte Shot

2. Matte Painter

A matte artist takes visual reference cues such as photographs, sketches and other references and turns them into realistic VFX scenes that all the action will take place in. There will be an emphasis on the photorealistic because your environments will serve as the backdrop for actual footage, so it needs to integrate seamlessly. When you’re working as a matte painter, you ‘ll be doing everything from digital painting, image manipulation and, of course, compositing.

MPC | Lion King (2019)

3. Layout Artist

Layout artists consider a shot’s framing, composition, camera angle, camera path and movement, and the rough lighting of each key scene.

Roberto Clochiatti | Head of Lighting | Endgame (2019)

4. Lighting Artist

The lighting artist is responsible for illuminating all CG assets, characters, and environments for live-action visual effects and or animated projects. Tasks can range from the more technical matching of light from filmed backgrounds to the more creative mood-enhancing styles of animated content.

Framestore | Paddington 2

5. Rendering Artist

Rendering Artists need to have many of the same skills as lighting artist. A lot of studios merge lighting and rendering into a single position. As a dedicated rendering artist, you’ll have to work closely with your studio’s lighting team to ensure the final renders look the way they were intended. The rendering artists are the super-smart nerds who make sure all of the hard work gets calculated accurately by the computer.

Image Engine | The Mandalorian (2019)

6. Compositor

Compositors create the final image of a frame, shot or VFX sequence. They take all the different digital materials (assets), such as computer-generated (CG) images, live-action footage and matte paintings, and combine them to appear as one cohesive image and shot.

Weta Digital | The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2020)

7. Match Mover

Matchmovers are essentially the bridge between 2D and 3D, so you’ll need knowledge of both. An eye for detail is essential because you’re laying the foundation for how CG elements will lay on top of the live-action plate, crucial to the success of the whole shot.