8 Types Of Graphic Design

Wiztoonz Amd
Brand Identity for Royal Enfield by Codesign.

1. Visual Identity

Designers who specialize in visual identity graphic design collaborate with brand stakeholders to create assets like logos, typography, colour palettes, and image libraries representing a brand’s personality.

Kalyan Jewellers print ad design by Ogilvy

2. Marketing & Advertising

This includes designing postcards & flyers, magazine & newspaper ads, posters, banners and billboards,infographics, brochures (print and digital), vehicle wraps, signage & trade show displays. Designing for digital domain include email marketing templates, powerPoint presentations, menus, social media ads, banners & graphics, banner & retargeting ad, images for websites and blogs.

Maruti Suzuki digital platforms design by Fractal Ink

3. UI Design

UI designers specialize in desktop apps, mobile apps, web apps and games.
User interface graphic design include web page design, theme design (WordPress, Shopify etc), game interfaces & app design

Outlook traveller magazine design by Itu Chaudhuri Design

4. Print & Publication

Print & Publication design includes designing books, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, newsletters, annual reports & directories.

Paperboat drinks package design by Elephant design

5. Package Design

Packaging designers specialize in a specific type of packaging (like labels or beverage cans) or a specific industry(like food or children’s toys). Their work requires top-notch conceptual and problem-solving skills in addition to a solid working knowledge of print and Industrial Design

Sacred Games title sequence by Aniruddh Mehta & Plexus.

6. Motion Design

Motion Design includes designing title sequences & end credits, video advertisements, animated logos, trailers, presentations, promotional videos, infographic videos and GIFs.

Wildcraft store design by 4Dimensions

7. Environmental Design

This includes designing public transportation navigation, retail store interiors, stadium branding, event and conference spaces, signage, wall murals, museum exhibitions and office branding.

Album art by Ghost Animation

8. Art & Illustrations

Examples of Art & Illustration include T-shirt design, graphic patterns for textiles, motion graphics, stock images, graphic novels, video games, websites, comic books, album art, book covers, picture books, infographics, technical illustration & concept art.