Annual Countdown: Favorite Films of 2017

Wiztoonz Amd

Here’s a list of our favorite film picks from 2017 (in no particular order)

The Killing of the Sacred Dear

English, US

To me, this film was like watching Stanley Kubrick coming back from the dead to direct one feature. Good job, Yorgos Lanthimos!

A Ghost Story

English, US

Cinematic Meditation! A unique motion picture experience that is going to haunt me for a while!

Casting Jon Benet

English, US

A brilliantly paced and narrated documentary with a positively strange story telling technique. Loved it.

Brigbsy Bear

English, US

Its funny, sweet and sometimes clever. Enjoyed it.

Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum

Malayalam, India

One of those films that perfectly bridges the gap between serious cinema and entertainment. This was definitely a progressive move in Indian commercial cinema.


English, US

A haunting and atmospheric movie experience as we watch the antagonist rot to his inevitable end.

It comes at Night

English, US

A slice of post apocalyptic horror told in the most appropriate visual language.


French/Belgian, France

A coming-of-age film with a cannibalistic twist! Its unique, well made and raw!

Jian Wan Cun

Mandarin, Taiwan

The village of no return is funny, dark and visually stunning. Brilliant use of color palatte.


Polish, Slovakia

An interesting rural crime told in seasonal chapters, Pokot (Spoor) is well-shot and well-cast.

Baby Driver

English, US

Another Edgar Wright instant classic. Not your typical run-and-gun heist!


English/Korean, S.Korea

Personally enjoyed this one though its not the Bong Joon Ho film that I prefer. Worth a watch.


English, US

Though not an easy watch, Una is definitely worth it. Rooney Mara ❤

Get Out

English, US

A social satire disguising itself as a thriller, Get Out really works!

The Disaster Artist

English, US

Sweet, Brutal and emotionally engaging! An offbeat comedy that delivers.

Honarable Mentions!

Hermia and Helena, Score: A Film Music Documentary, I am the pretty thing that lives in the house, Logan Lucky, Personal Shopper, Busters Mal Heart, Lost City of Z.