Annual Countdown: Favorite Games of 2017

Wiztoonz Amd

Here’s a list of our favorite games, we played in 2017 (in no particular order).


How we played: PS4

Brilliant design, beautiful visuals and an intelligent gameplay.
Inside is a well-done puzzle side-scroller.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

How we played: PS4

A spin-off to the iconic Uncharted series, The Lost Legacy stands up to the Legacy.
With a new leading lady, the game explores the map of Indian Western Ghats. A must-play adventure!


How we played: PS4

Again a visually stunning game. Follows the journey of a Yarn-made Yammy through everyday objects, solving puzzles on the route.

Dying Light: The Following

How we played: PS4

The expansion pack for the zombie survival, Dying Light. Its gory, scary, thrilling and fun!

Ghost Recon Wildlands : Predator

How we played: PS4

An expansion released for Ghost Recon Wildlands. Something we got just for the love the 80’s biggest pop culture monster! Nothing great, but its worth checking out for die-hard predator fans.

This War Of Mine

How we played: Android

A survival strategy game set during the Bosnian War. The game focuses on civilian’s fight for survival than the battle itself. Good gaming experience!

Leo’s Fortune

How we played: Android

Beautifully designed gameplay and environments. You will fall in love with this fur-ball!

Monument Valley 2

How we played: iOS

A low intensity , minimal mobile puzzle game. Beautiful pixels!


How we played: iOS

A simple point and click adventure mobile game. Loved it.

Child Of Light

How we played: PS Vita

An experience that feels like a childhood fantasy. Soothing gameplay. One of the best on PS Vita.