Annual Countdown: Favorite TV Shows

Wiztoonz Amd

Here’s a list of our favourite television shows of 2017 (In no particular order)


Season 1

David Fincher! Enough said.

Big Little Lies

Mini Series

Entertaining and enlightening , coupled with some amazing performance from the leads.

Stranger Things

Season 2

Season 2 of the retro-styled sci-fi. Though the content was flat, we thoroughly enjoyed it from start to end!

The Good Place

Season 2

Ridiculously fun! Maintains the reputation of it’s hilarious first season.

The Leftovers

Final Season

This is one of the best things that happened to TV in a while. A must watch!

Alias Grace

Mini Series

Compelling and deeply insightful, Alias Grace will be a remarkable mini series.

The Sinner

Mini Series

Pullman and Biel! A disturbing yet highly engaging thriller.

American Gods

Season 1

A visually stunning slow burner on new-age gods.


Mini Series

Brilliantly written and eerily atmospheric! Though it had some weak characterization, this will be one of the strongest shows that Netflix has produced.

The Good Doctor

Season 1

An intelligent exploration of a surgeon who is in autistic spectrum. Freddy Highmore ❤


Season 1

A reasonable entry that can fill the Breaking Bad void.


Season 1

A very light, funny family drama. Interesting characters!


Season 3

A show that reinvents itself with every season! Brilliant.

Abstract : The Art Of Design

Season 1

A docu-series on art that was much needed. A must-watch for all the design and art enthusiasts.

13 Reasons Why

Mini Series

A worthy watch! With a strong source material, 13 reasons why did convert it to the medium really well.

Honorable Mentions

Orange Is The New Black, The Walking Dead, Sneaky Pete, Love.