Bringing your CGI to life: AR and 3D Prints

Behind the “World of Wiztoonz”

The process of creating the promotional video “World of Wiztoonz” by Mahesh Ravi (HOD, Filmmaking, Wiztoonz)

Making of “Bring on the Night”.

Wiztoonz Academy of Media & Design’s Film making and Photography Head, Mahesh Ravi shares his workflow for creating the conceptual image, Bring on the Night using Adobe Photoshop.

How to create a custom Bokeh.

Bokeh (ˈbəʊkeɪ/)the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens. The opening/aperture of your lens is what’s determining the shape of your bokeh. With a minor tweak, you can create amazing custom bokeh on your images.

Instagram Grids

A quick tip to create a singular grid imagery with multiple images on your instagram profile.

Make a high quality composite image in your phone.

All you need to create this image is a cheap toy car, a mobile phone and the free app PicsArt (available for iOS and Android).

How to animate a still image

We got a lot of queries on how we did the recent animated still images for Instagram. Mind you, this isn’t Cinemagraph. Cinemagraph is a still image created from a video by retaining some moving parts to create an animated still image. This is not possible, when you have only frame to work with.

Make a seamless-multi instagram post

A simple way to create a single seamless photo look with multiple images for Instagram.

Shooting with Miniature Staging