Creating Concrete Wilderness Series

Wiztoonz Amd
Wiztoonz’ Creative Head and Course Manager (VFX&Design), Mahesh Ravi explains his workflow on creating the surreal photo series “Concrete Wildnerness” using his mobile phone.
“The idea hit me when my little muse was continuously asking me for animal toys as bribes to do well in his school tests! A recurring motif in his self-made stories is wild taking over the city. Thus came the concept of juxtaposing animals into cityscapes or even unimaginable and often surrealistic settings. I wanted to try something new for the process flow as well. Thought of using only mobile phone apps to create imageries. Images were sourced, cleaned up, composited and color graded using a set of mobile apps.” -Mahesh Ravi
Concrete Wilderness © Mahesh Ravi Mobile Applications used: Unsplash, Snapseed, Picsart, Lens Distortions and Bokeh Lens.

Here, take a look at the series.