Certificate Course In Digital Film Production

Why Digital Film Production?

  • Demand Is The Answer

    With Television Industry scaling up to the next level, having 882 Permitted Private Satellite TV Channels as on 31.05.2017 & Karnataka alone with 79 Kannada Channels among the same

  • The Internet video revolution is upon us

    A study conducted by Nielsen found 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future. With the increased popularity of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Youtube, Video Publishing and the mediums available for the same are increasing steadily.

  • Online Video Content Creators are in great demand

    Video Editors, Broadcast Designers, Motion graphic Artists, Corporate Film Makers, Online Video Content Creators are in great demand with the advent of streaming videos and movie clips even in websites.

  • Increased popularity of online video

    Online video clips has also produced a large increase in video editing activity by internet users.

What You'll Learn

  • A Brief History Of Cinema
  • Principles Of Film Direction
  • Writing For Film
  • Screenplays & Storyboards
  • Digital Film Equipment
  • Digital Film Production
  • Digital Cinematography
  • Lighting For Film
  • Shooting For VFX
  • Sound Design For Film
  • Working With Music , Sounds & Voice
  • Production Design & Art Direction
  • Directing Actors
  • Directing Crew
  • Principles Of Film Editing
  • Principle Of Visual Effects
  • The Art Of Titles
  • Packaging & Branding Your Film
  • Film Distribution Platforms
  • Film Project (One Month)

Class Details

  • 6 Months
  • Monday - Friday

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the softwares I will be learning in the program?

Though film making is not a software oriented program, you might be learning several media software during the program including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Aftereffects, Audacity, SoundForge, MPEG StreamClip and a couple more.

Do I need to purchase those software or can I get the free student version?

Most of the software that will be learned in the class will be having a student / learner’s edition that you can use for free for educational purposes. A couple of them will be freeware that doesn’t need a purchase.

If I need to purchase the software, what is the cost?

(Refer the above answer)

Is camera a must? If yes, can I rent it out or do I need to purchase?

An entry level DSLR that can shoot video is good to have for this program. This is not mandatory though. You can rent a camera when you have a shoot/ project.

What are the jobs (designations) I can get after finishing the program?

With the upcoming video revolution, the platforms that a video maker has is of enormous scope. You can work as Directors for feature films, Video Editors (Independent and Corporate Industries), Video Producers for Social Media Brands, Independent Film Makers, Ad film makers and more.

What is the average salary I can expect as a fresher?

Digital Video Producers / Digital Video Editors can expect a high starting salary in an MNC Corporate (30K and above) and a decent salary in an Entry Level Startup company (15000 and above). The other career options from this program (Film Director, Ad Film Maker, Social Media Video Producers etc) are even more fruitful in opportunities and revenue.

Is PU / degree must to get a job?

Not really. Your portfolio – ie the quality of your demo reel is what matters usually in this field.

If I am interested in music and want to make a career in sound design / engineer; Is this course recommended ?

If you’re interested in sound design; yes – you will learn about sound in this program. Creating Music is not a part of this program though.

Will I get an opportunity to work on live projects like documentary / movie

Yes, through the course of the program , the students will be working on several team film projects and individual film projects.

Will I learn Cinematography?

Yes. Digital Cinematography is included in the program.

Will I be able to handle corporate shoots on my own after this program?

Yes. On successful completion of this program, you will be able to handle corporate video shoots.

My English is weak, is it mandatory for the program or to get a job?

Language isn’t a constraint for creative professionals. Your work will speak for you.

Who Can Study

  • Individuals passionate about shooting and producing videos with an aesthetic eye.
  • A college degree is not necessary for getting a job in the field of video editing. But a degree or a diploma increases the chance of getting a reputed job.
  • One can enter the broadcast industry after completing digital film production program.

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