Diploma In Animation & VFX

  • Duration
    24 Months

Visual effects (commonly shortened to Visual FX or VFX) is the term used to describe any imagery created, altered, or enhanced for a film or other moving media that cannot be accomplished during live-action shooting. Global Demand for VFX professional is on rise and here at Wiztoonz we are committed in provided international standards of VFX training to our students with this program.

Why Wiztoonz?

We offer a highly curated Visual Effects program that is specially prepared considering the industry demands and requirements. Our league of internationally trained faculty and benchmarked course content makes the program unique and productive. Our association with Vanarts, Canada and Orita Sinclair, Singapore creates an easy pathway for students to continue thier specializations abroad.

Applications Open

For Post-Graduate, Degree & Diploma Programs - 2020

What you will be learning here in this 24 months exclusive Animation & VFX program?

2D and 3D Graphics

Rasters, Vectors and Polygons

You will learn about static graphics that works with shapes, images and colors. You will later move on to advanced shape building techniques using vector applications. You will also learn all about 3 Dimensional modelling, lighting, texturing and rendering for Visual Effects.

Motion Graphics

Fundamentals of Animation

Learn about Keyframe animations, expressions, shape morphing and more in this elaborate module on Motion Graphics. You will be working on various projects including infographics to character walk cycles.


The art of matte

Compositing is a set of techniques used to combine images or videos from different sources to create a singular world. A highly popular technique in motion pictures, students will learn the fundamentals of node based compositing and working with data maps.

MatchMoving and RotoScopy

Tracking and Keying

One of the essential skills required for being a good visual effects artist is the ability to combine two different elements seamlessly to create a believable shot. Matchmoving involves a set of processes to match your footages in camera, perspectives, scale and movements. Rotoscopy is the intricate process of isolating and removing a moving object from a footage.

Showreels and Portfolio

Your key to the industry

Being a skill-driven industry, your portfolio is a key factor that will be considered during your transition from training to a career. Here at Wiztoonz, you will be working with qualified and industry-experienced mentors to create your portfolios and showreels. Feedbacks and reviews are conducted regularly to improve your showreels to current industry standards.

Students will also be learning Cinematography, Editing and Broadcasting principles in this program.

Placement Assistance

Our association with more than 50 companies across India serves as a bridge to connect the gap between demand and supply in this industry. Our Placement Division is actively engaged with researching the trending jobs and the benchmarks to qualify for the same. Needless to say, students go through a rigorous training and evaluation process to enter the placement cell.
For More Details: Exclusive Placement Cell

Prerequisites For This Course


Min Config: CPU (Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7); 16GB RAM; 4GB Graphics Card; 1TB Hard Drive; 15.6 HD Display (1920x1080)

Graphic Tablet

Small/ Medium sized graphic tablet


Student versions of Maya & Adobe Creative Cloud.

Skilling Partner