From One Twenty-Something To Another Twenty-Something

Wiztoonz Amd

Dear Twenty-Something,
I see you sitting there in the corner of the room, waiting for your friends to pass you the doobie with a face so calm like the ocean and currents inside that are no less than a havoc. You’ve had a tough day, maybe or you’re just feeling lost. It’s that time of the day again when you wish to escape the reality because the reality is biting you.
I am not going to ask you to stop doing that. I am only going to ask you for how long? For how long are you going to bury your demons in the ocean of your own thoughts? Aren’t you tired of the multiple faces you have for the multiple groups of people you deal with on a daily basis?
For how long are you going to take an escape route to mend your reality. Though, I am glad that you are trying to mend it and not replace it. But do you really think this is the way? Just ask yourself this question and keep the answer within. The world does not need to know. It’s you who knows what’s best for you.
I am never going to be where you are. I am never going to have the same definition for right and wrong like you. Our lives, our experiences and our thoughts are the ones that shape us and our reality. We’re two different beings and we have our own demons to deal with. I just want you to figure out and know what will help you deal with them productively.
I believe in the thought, that once a problem or situation is addressed, half of it is already solved or dealt with. It’s not about finding the solution but about addressing that there is something that needs to be addressed.
I want you to stay strong, believe in yourself and the good around you. I want you to know that you have someone who will be there when you fall back, not to pick you up but to make you believe that you can be picked.
I am a friend and I am there if you need me. Just like you’re there for me; Listening to me and my little experience in life.

Another Twenty-Something

PS. You can write to me at, like I said ‘I am there’.