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How to take the perfect Splash Photograph


1.Make sure that you are shooting against a dark backdrop

Unless you are shooting liquid with higher levels of opacity, it is wise to shoot against a black or darker background. It makes the splash more visible and also the background wouldn’t bounce too much light back, in cases of flash photography.

2.Manage your light source.

Since you will be shooting at a faster shutter-speed make sure that there is enough light to compensate for it. Choose natural light where ever possible. You can shoot near a window or outdoors to give an organic look to your photograph. If you are shooting at darker conditions, an external flash would be the ideal choice. Never try to compensate for the lack of light with a raised up ISO. This will ruin your image with irreversible noise.

3.Be unique

Try something different with your splash photography. You can use liquids with different viscosity and color to make unique splashes. If you want a clear glass without the object used to splash the water up, take two exposures (One before the impact and one after it) and create a composite using Photoshop (Refer the image). Use a tripod to make the compositing job easier.

4.Be wise than sorry

Its always a good idea to shoot Splash photography in Burst mode. Basically taking multiple photographs with a single shutter release click. Most of the DSLRs these days have the capacity to take upto 6 Frames per second. This way you will likely end up with at least one usable shot per splash.

5. Composition still matters

No matter how good you got the splash, if you photograph is poorly composed, it will end up useless. Pay attention to the principles of composition and stick to them for a better splash imagery.

Happy Splashing!