Indian Mothers: From the perspective of an Outlandish Animator!

“All Indian Mothers are artists” – Kind of statement like this one from a foreigner who toured India tirelessly will make anyone curious. Born, brought up in India, I could not connect to his perspective.  Perhaps he noticed a question mark on my face and continued with his travelogue after effects “In deep rooted villages of India, early in the morning an Indian mother sprinkles up water on the muddy floor just outside her door step, does a beautiful symmetrical drawing in no time and springs back to her routine, Wow! I doubt whether a senior artist in my company would be able to do something similar in that time & perfection. He closed his eyes and gasped again, “All Indian Mothers Are Artists!!”

This incident has left a deep understanding about our culture, tradition & the sacredness of motherhood. Art is present alive in everyone’s day to day life and happenings, may it be choosing a jean and a suitable T-shirt, color chosen to paint my house, it could be the arrangement of my living room, my bike sticker and so on. As I was pondering on these thoughts, a dawning realization hit me saying ” If mother is an artist, it’s as good as every human being is an artist, after all we are here because of her”.