Must have mobile apps for the hipster in you


First of all, this is not a definitive list. The list of apps showcased here were included after several weeks of personal trials and discussions with people around. Also we are not gonna talk about generic and popular social apps – as a true hipster won’t waste time or space!

Was talking about wasting time a moment ago. None of us has time for a detailed newsread and especially when topped with such BS happening in popular news, we aint even interested. Inshorts collates your daily news in 60 words and presents it to you in its neatly designed interface.

2. Evernote
Now this is a true Must-Have. Organise your thoughts, notes, ideas, concepts, plans and what-not in one place. Evernote works across platforms so accessing notes from multiple systems is easy as pie.

3. PushBullet
A really useful app when you have to share a note, picture or a link quickly to one or all of your other devices!

4. Swipes
Organise your daily activities. Trust me, every right swipe (Complete) feels so good!

5. Snapseed
IMO the best image editor for mobile phones. Period.

6. Issuu
Largest collection of free-to-read publications and magazines from around the globe.

If you don’t know about it already, come out from the cave! Read all your interests at this one-stop-app.

8. Airbnb
Coz Hipsters would never book a hotel, they will just Airbnb!

9. Pocket
Save everything here for an offline read later.

10. SeriesGuide
I know how hard its to keep up with the tv shows, when there is so much good out there to watch. Add your shows, check as you’ve seen them and track showtimes.

11. Slack
If you seriously want to communicate with your team, this is the right platform. Chat, share files, collaborate for work and do much more with this multi-platform app.

12. TuneIn
Without a doubt the best radio app for your phone available in India.