Privacy Policy

The following are the terms and conditions that govern the use of WIZTOONZ Website ( Any user accessing this Website is subject to the terms and conditions and any other applicable law.
  • Use of Website Content

    The content given in the Website intends to inform the users about the academy and the educational services offered by the academy. The Website provides information regarding the different dimensions of the academy’s educational services, including the events happening in the academy and achievements of the students. All content provided in the Website, including text, images, animations, videos, digital artworks, audio files and so on are intended for personal use and for information purpose only. They are not intended for commercial use. Thus the content may not be duplicated, sold, stored, distributed, printed, displayed, published, reproduced or exploited in any way for commercial use.
    WIZTOONZ reserves all the rights to change, delete or append any content in the Website, without any prior notice to the users.

  • User Action

    On using this Website, a user agrees not to use any obscene or offensive language; provide any false, misleading, abusive or harassing information; provide any personal information of someone else without their prior written consent; or use the Site for unlawful actions. WIZTOONZ reserves the right to take necessary action against any individual/group/organization involved in any such malpractices, as per the court of law. However, the choice to take action or not lies with WIZTOONZ.

  • Accessing the Website

    Any user of the Website is not encouraged to use robots or any automated devices or programs to download, save, reproduce, or distribute the content available in the Website. The user of this site must take precautions to ensure that the process which he/she employs for accessing this Site does not expose him/her to the risk of viruses or other form of interference which may cause damage to the user’s own system. WIZTOONZ shall not be responsible for any interference or damage caused to a user’s computer system that occurs in connection with the user’s access to this Website or any linked Website.
    WIZTOONZ shall not be responsible for any kind of damage that affects a user directly or indirectly caused by the use of or access of complete or part of any information given in this Website.

  • Registration

    On submitting the details in the Enquiry form or any other form in the Website, a user agrees to: • Make his/her contact details available to WIZTOONZ. • Be contacted by WIZTOONZ through telephonic calls, e-mails or SMS regarding any education related information. • Receive e-mails and SMS regarding latest activities at WIZTOONZ, admission related details and any other education related details. However, WIZTOONZ reserves the right to make decisions on contacting a user.

  • User Information: Privacy Policy

    A user may voluntarily provide his/her personal information, such as name, e-mail address, contact number, and interest towards our services to receive further information about the service of his/her interest. Any such personal information provided is purely given with utmost conscious and self-interest, and is not provided on compulsion. By such an act, a user agrees to receive the required information through an e-mail, text message or a phone call from the officials of WIZTOONZ. Submitting any forms shall deemed to be considered that the user has read and understood the terms and conditions of the Website.

  • Information Security

    WIZTOONZ ensures that it will prevent any unauthorized access to the information collected online. Any personal information provided in the WIZTOONZ Website will not be shared with/sold to/rented to any third party.

  • Usage of Information Provided

    The information provided by a user may be used for: • Internal record keeping • Improving our products and services • Customizing the Website • Contacting the user for any market research purpose or to inform about any new product/service or any other education related details.

  • Cookies

    We use cookies to analyze about our Web traffic in order to identify the Web pages that are highly accessed and those that are not accessed commonly. We use this analyzed information solely for the purpose of customizing our Website and to improve usability. We assure that the cookies do not provide access to any user system or user information, other than the ones explicitly provided by the user to us. If a user wants to decline the use of cookies, he/she can make the respective settings in the browser.

  • Access to Other Websites

    This Website may provide links to other Websites, which may include third party Websites. When a user intends to access such links, this Website’s ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ will no longer be applicable. The user is responsible to read through the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the respective third party Website before any user action.

  • Disclaimer

    The terms, such as ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ cited in this content refers to WIZTOONZ. The terms and conditions given here apply to the use of this Website. By using this Website, a user agrees to these terms and conditions. If a user does not accept any part of the terms and conditions, he/she is advised to refrain from using this Website.

  • Note:

    All the terms and conditions given are subject to change without any prior notice. Users are advised to check the terms and conditions on a regular basis. If you find any abusive content or plagiarized content in this Website, please report the same to . The reported content will be validated and if found abusive/plagiarized, it will be removed within 72 working hours.