Diploma In Visual Communcation

  • Duration
    2 years
  • Eligibility
    17+ Years

Diploma in visual communication produces effective conceptual thinkers and creative problem solvers in art & design. A student will gain the ability to generate original, creative messages and ideas as well as have a professional portfolio to submit to potential employers.
Also our diploma in visual communication seeks as its primary objective (aside from teaching the basic principles of design, image making, color theory and typography) to help students learn to be effective conceptual thinkers and, most importantly, creative problem solvers in the disciplines of advertising and design. Ours is not a program designed for the student who is merely interested in learning the most advanced technology, it balances creativity, art & technology to enhance the learning of a student.

Subjects Taught Across 4 Semesters

Semester 1
  • Nature and Object Drawing
  • Colour
  • Elements Of Design
  • Principles Of Design
  • 2D Design & 3D Design
  • Perspective Study
  • Image Essentials
  • Photo Retouching & Grading
  • Project
  • Communication Design I Digital & Matte Painting
  • Photography
  • Project
  • ** Field Trip - Museum
Semester 2
  • Typography & Calligraphy
  • Layout & Visualizing I
  • Layout & Visualizing II
  • Layout & Visualizing III
  • Communication Design II
  • Research Methods & Prototyping
  • Visual / Interaction Design
  • Designing For Social Systems
  • Painting / Illustration
  • Project
  • ** Studio Visit
Semester 3
  • Character Design I & II
  • Story boarding I / Animatics
  • Animation Principles I
  • Animation Principles II
  • Digital Illustration
  • Web Animation
  • Web Design
  • Front End Programming
  • 2D Animation
  • Project
  • ** Industry Guest Lecture
Semester 4
  • Storyboarding II
  • Silhouette Drawing
  • Composition Rules
  • Motion Graphics
  • Rotoscopy
  • Broadcast Editing
  • Soft Skill Training
  • Project
  • Portfolio Development

Pre-Requisites For Diploma in Visual Communication

Entrance Examination

Choosing the right program and the specific path of specialization finds unique importance in gearing up for a career in the CG industry. The main objective of the entrance test is to guide and help a student choose a program that suits him the best.
The Entrance Test determines the interest and the ability of a student and the questions are well balanced between Basic english skills, art and the computer graphics industry.


Min Config: CPU (6th Gen Core i5/ AMD A10 or higher); 8GB RAM; 2GB Graphics; 500GB Hard Drive; 15.6 HD Display (1920x1080)


Wacom Tablet (Small)


An Entry-Level DSLR Camera with video recording, stock lens.


Student versions of Maya & Adobe Creative Cloud.

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