Social Media Marketing Strategies That Will Surely Boost Your Brand

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Everything has become accessible and on our fingertips with the technology in an era of internet and smartphones. When it comes to marketing social media marketing has almost a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. To add to it around 80% of the B2B marketers use social media in some way or the other. With this analysis I conclude that whatever you sell or whoever you sell to; Social media as a marketing tool can help you grow your brand in multifold levels.
Social media presence has become a must for a great brand recall and also to drive a targeted audience.
When it comes to brands, Social media plays a major role in building a real relationship with the client. It helps in building brand royalty and gives it a personal touch by being receptive to all the messages. Plus, a lot of it is also FREE.
Okay, when it comes to social media it ain’t just Facebook but a lot of other platforms. For instance, here are a few that can add value to your brand:

1. Instagram ads.

Picking up pace is Instagram, a platform majorly for pictures and stories. Instagram has recorded around 2 million advertisers in the last year itself. The best part of Instagram is the fact that it does not have multiple tabs open that can distract a potential client and there are no bars to creativity here.

2. Instagram Influencers

If you’re a B2C brand, nothing can be better than word of mouth especially when it comes from an influencer. Influencer marketing on Instagram is quite the in and the best part is that a brand can be very subliminally marketed in minds of people through this platform.
You can manually search for influencers via hashtags or the Discover tab or use various tools like BuzzSumo, Kred, Klear etc.

3. Twitter

You can mine twitter to grow your audience and market yourself as a brand while you create a brand recall on this platform. It is very easy and sensible with twitter as you can appear on the news feed by using applicable and trending images and hashtags. A platform that certainly gives an immense exposure to your business online.

4. Twitter Influencers

Twitter influencers are individuals play a major role in marketing a brand right across to an online audience. They have the power to make their online audience think in a particular direction regarding a brand, idea, business or person. Due to their wide and loyal audience they do amplify your brand communication and brand building as they give a good exposure to the brand

5. Ads and influencers on SnapChat

If you’ve got a youth centred product, Snapchat is your place to be marketing it in. Snapchat has been the trend amongst the youth with its fun and engaging user experience. The company does go an extra mile to make their ads more innovative and their ads manager is quite user-friendly.
Isn’t it fun to play around with some augmented reality placements, interactive games and more. Those filters might just look stupid at times but hey! We all love to have a laugh or two with them.
And as explained above words of an influencer do make a lot of difference on any platform.

6. YouTube Vlogging and Youtubers

Increase brand awareness and build a brand around with some video content. Vlogging has picked up a massive pace in the last few years on Youtube and 2018, sure looks like the year of great video content.
Put your brand in a very subliminal way with some casual storytelling and get the brand recall better. YouTubers have a great fan following and trustful relationships with their crew. Ripe out the benefits of a YouTubers relationship as you market your content to the audience through them. These collaborations and partnerships always end up fruitful.

7. Pre-roll ads on YouTube

Pre-rolls ads on Youtube are cringeworthy and irritate the hell out of you but hey! They’re a good source of getting audience on board. (Unless your audience is aware of this thing called AdBlocker!)
These ads pop-up as you wait to watch some youtube videos. As annoying as they are, they still register in mind and you never know how they work unless you try.

8. Promoted Pins on Pinterest

More than 75% of Pins saved to Pin Boards are Promoted Pins created by brands. Surprised? Well yes they are. Promoted pins are just like your usual pins and certainly do not feel like spam or distract or irritate a viewer.
Plus, these pins also make up for some good marketing of your product to the targeted audience.

9. LinkedIn Marketing

Maximise your social media advertising on LinkedIn. With world’s largest professional network in hand you can promote your company updates in the world’s only professional social media feed and drive awareness along with leads and targeted content marketing.

10. Hashtags

Be noticed on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as you use the right hashtags. Hashtags create a content property in the digital space which is accessed by a large number of followers and to market using right hashtags is the way to creating higher brand awareness.


Generation Z is obsessed with this platform and well, believe it or not! For the entertainment content, this is the place. has its own influencers who certainly do help a lot in brand recognition across the platform.
With the Bollywood going all out for this platform it’s sure a great place to market your brand. Combining three different elements: music, video and social networking; is the future of marketing.

2018 is all about Social Media and Social Media is all about the pace. Set up a solid plan and follow it religiously for the best results. You know you just can’t afford to stay behind in this competitive world with exponential growth.

This article first appeared on Commune CoWorks Blog.
By Shivakriti Seth