Top Fan-Made Films

Wiztoonz Amd
A Fan Film is a film inspired by an original motion picture, television show or a similar source. Often overlooked as amateur work, there are some amazing fan films produced and distributed via youtube. Fan Film is also a very effective, practical film making lesson — as you will have to stick to the aesthetics and cinematic grammar of the original thus giving your output, a discipline.
Fan films vary vastly in quality, but here are some rare gems made my fans as a homage to their favourite films. Selected films are based on production quality and their candour to the respective originals.

Predator : Dark Ages

Gremlins: Recall

Lord of the Rings: The Hunt For Gollum

Terminator: Resistance

The Walking Dead: Lost and Found

Critters: Bounty Hunter

Jurassic Park: Containment Breach

Voldemort: Origins of the Heir

Star Wars: Rebel Scum

Scream: First Blood Shed