Using textures to enhance your dull photo backgrounds.

Wiztoonz Amd

A simple tweak with a texture can add so much drama into your otherwise dull background and create an appealing photographic output. Let’s check this out with an example.

We are starting with an image with a simple, single color background.

Lets try and bring in some texture. A smudged canvas might suit well here. Something like this.

Lets bring it into our image composition.

The key tool here is the Blending Mode. Changing the blending mode of the texture layer to Multiply.

Looking better already, but this is not the effect we are looking for. We don’t want the texture bleeding onto the character. It needs to stay within the wall.

Lets start by Rasterising the layer.

Now we will hide the texture layer and work on the background layer. Using the Color Range tool to select the background color and then inverting the selection so that we now have the girl in selection. Now we can select the texture layer and hit Delete.

Yes! We are there, almost. The texture seems much stronger now than the subject. Lets play with the opacity of the layer and bring it down to around 50%.

Much Better.

There you go!

Author – Mahesh Ravi