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Certificate Program | Painting

     The Quote “A Picture Speaks a thousand words” inspires anyone to try and communicate visually. Wiztoonz is happy to create a platform and opportunity for people to try their hands on painting. The main idea of this classes revolve around creating interest about painting and also to understand various popular mediums of painting.
The classes begin with water colours, then moves on to Oil and then acrylic. Though various mediums are taught from ground up it also sharpens the understanding of aesthetics and artistic composition. Please check the class schedule page for further details.
Class Schedule

Pre- Requisites:
• Passion
• Basic drawing skills / Portfolio / Sample Works
• Classes are for ages 16 and up.
• Apron

Regular Sessions

5 days a week/ 2 Months
40 Sessions / 1.5 hrs a day

Regular sessions are suggested for people who can spend time on weekdays & wanted to dive-in for a full exposure to equip themselves with all round knowledge.

Weekend Sessions

Saturday (working)
12 Session / 4 hrs

Weekends are tailor made for working professionals & Others who have their regular routine during the weekdays but with a zeal to learn the complete stuff with no compromise.

FEE & Faq’s

Pottery Fee

Regular (Mon to Fri)
Rs. 10000 + Applicable service tax
Regular (Weekend | only on Sat)
Rs. 4000 + Applicable service tax

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What do I wear?
The Paint Place will provide aprons, but you make want to wear something you wouldn’t mind getting paint on– just in case! Do I need tools?
Can I Paint Something other than what is being taught in the class?
Sure! You may feel inspired by something else you see in our gallery- feel free to paint anything you would like! However, the instruction will be on the painting being featured in that class.
What should I bring?
Will be inducted to you in the first day of the class.
If I miss a class, can I make it up?
You can make up missed classes. If you know you are going to miss a class, let us know so we can plan another day for you and let someone use your spot for their make-up day.
What if I am a beginner?
The classes are made up of beginner through advanced students. Having the classes mixed in this way benefits beginners because they observe, question, and learn from others who have more experience. Everyone gets to share ideas.
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Discipline: When You Accept A Challenge.. See It Through.

Quick Info

  • Duration
    Regular Sessions
    5 days a week / 2 Months
    40 Sessions / 1.5 hrs. a day
    Days: Monday to Friday
    Weekend Sessions
    12 Sessions / 4 hrs. a day
    Days : Saturday (working)
  • Eligibility

    Age above 16+

Note: All the programs are offered and certified by Wiztoonz Academy of Media & Design and widely accepted by the industry.