The Right Way

Wiztoonz Amd

Why Effective Learning is Important.

Every industry is going through a massive shift in technology, processes, and manpower. If you dont have the knowledge to utilize skills and technology to your advantage, you are obsolete. The only way to acquire knowledge is by learning. Learning is not an easy process and requires passion, dedication, time, and hard work. The outcome will make your life much better.

Let’s dive into some myths and facts when it comes to learning!

1. Taking Notes

Myth: I can remember everything that is told in the class. No need to write it down again. Anyway, we will get slideshows.

Fact: No, you can only remember 10% of things that are told in an hour. When you are writing it down, you are imprinting the info in your mind. Later while studying you will be using this as well. Slideshows will only contain points.

2. Asking Questions

Myth: It’s a new topic, there is nothing to ask. What if the question is stupid? What will the others think?

Fact: If you were listening to the previous day’s class and making notes, you will definitely have questions- in fact a lot of them. If you don’t, you are already an expert. Ask – it’s more important to think about your mentor than the others. They want students to ask them questions.

3. Sharing Opinions

Myth: I don’t have an opinion. Let others talk and share. What if I am wrong?

Fact: What happens when everyone thinks the same? You are attending these sessions and it’s your space to speak. A classroom is the only place where your wrong answers are appreciated. This gives us a chance to correct you and boost your confidence. Actually, you are paying us to correct you and make you better. isn’t it?

4. Discussions with Mentors

Myth: I am scared of the faculty. I don’t have anything to discuss.

Fact: The ultimate fact is that the mentors are here to help you out. There is no need to be scared of your mentor. No mentor here will be angry at you at discussions! You can discuss your career plans, your studies, your challenges, your industry, your mentor’s experience, and much more.

5. Home Work / Self-Learning

Myth: I don’t have time. I am doing something else. I am working. I am traveling for an event.

Fact: The reason that you’ve joined the course is to get better from the situation that you are currently on. So If you are working, your priority should be on this course. Also, try to push all other events down in your priority list until this course is over as this is what determines your career and life. Find time, Sit, and Study!

6. On-Time Projects

Myth: I didn’t get time. Time wasn’t enough. I was not well.

Fact: Each assignment given to you is carefully planned and assigned to you with the best timeline considering that you are a student. Taking time beyond that will not help you later in your career. It’s important that you stick to the due dates and times. Your productivity in your career is always measured against time.

7. A Good Portfolio

Myth: My communication is bad. I didn’t get time. I don’t understand the process.

Fact: When you practice active learning – talking in class, sharing your opinions, talking to others, and doing additional research- your communication skill will be improving a lot. When you stick to a proper schedule, your timing is going to get better and if you do your “processing” properly, you will have answers to everything.

8. Success in an Interview

Myth: Even though my works are okay, I didn’t get a job. I must be getting a job 100% since I joined this course.

Fact: Your work is just one part of getting a job. Your attitude, communication, and articulation mean much more when it comes to an interview. That’s the reason active learning is encouraged here. If you are not doing your work on time and building enough knowledge via active learning, no matter how we support you, you will not be approved by a company.